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7 out of 10 people suffer from Glossophobia (the technical term for Fear of Public Speaking).

Does this sound familiar? You’re standing in front of an meeting and you’re feeling so nervous to make the right impression. You feel that if you nail this presentation you’ll be sure to be on the track for promotion. Your mind goes blank forgetting your entire presentation and to top it all off you start to worry about being embarrassed as well? 

This is enough to make anyone leave the room and never come back. It doesn’t have to be like that though. 

By working with an expert you can train these fears away and deliver the perfect presentation. Even if you’re rusty as nails and can’t get a word out when you practice in front of your mirror! With just a few simple sessions with Portavoce Coach you’ll be the hit of the party in no time and you’ll be on the right path to promotion and the promised land of a pay-rise.

Coaching Courses: One-to-One

All one-to-one coaching programmes include 6 one-hour sessions delivered face-to-face, or if you prefer by online means via Zoom, at a cost of £500.00.

All courses come with 3 months free membership to the Portavoce Online: Membership Group on Facebook. 

You can choose between the following six-week programmes:

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions to answer your queries or contact me to discuss whether any of these courses are the right course for you and to highlight any specific training needs you may have.

Please see full terms and conditions for more information about how the programmes will run.


Portavoce Online members receive the following benefits:

  • 24/7 networking opportunities with other Portavoce Online: Members from a variety of different industries and fields.
  • First Access to Portavoce Blogs and YouTube content so you get to see them before anyone else!
  • Weekly Facebook Live sessions with me where I will focus on the topics you need to take you to the next level.
  • Online Coaching Feedback when you submit videos of your speeches or presentations.
  • Membership Rates for coaching courses.

Portavoce Coach - Public Speaking Coaching in Stafford

Our Venue

Storage Boost Stafford is conveniently located on the A34 Stone Road, just 1 mile from Junction 14 of the M6. 

The facility based on Redhill Business Park in Stafford is a brand new, award winning  development providing high quality offices both for individual businesses and co-working with storage and workshop facilities. It is serviced by a large, private car park within modern landscaped grounds. 

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