Portavoce – Public Speaking Coaching – Stafford

The Presentation Masterclass

The Presentation Masterclass builds on the Beat Your Nerves programme focuses on how to create and deliver an excellent presentation identifying the right visual aids and technologies to use.

We will move you away from writing Power Points for the sake of it and you’ll embrace how to give an engaging and interactive talk to a wide range of key stakeholders: juniors, superiors and clients.

This course can be delivered for students, academics, politicians, corporates and charities and if you’re interested in a group session on this subject please contact me to discuss how I can tailor this course to you and your group.

What do previous students say about this course?

He helped me really focus my business pitch which has given me a lot more confidence in myself. He also gave me the opportunity to stand up and do it in front of an audience which helped boost my confidence even more.
Business Owner